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12th Annual Symposium on Future Trends in Service-Oriented Computing (2017)

Session 6

Usability, Use and Reuse of Software Services: A Human Centered Approach to Understanding Uptake Resistance

Kateryna Kuksenok
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Code Work in Oceanography 00:13:28 Play
Deliberate Individual Change 00:06:43 Play
TODOs as Scaffolding 00:06:49 Play

The Future of Crowdsourced Testing

Chen Zhenyu
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Testing as a Service 00:06:52 coming soon
The State of Practice 00:08:15 coming soon
The Future of Crowdsourced Testing 00:09:23 coming soon

Concluding Remarks

Andreas Polze
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Closing Remarks & Good Bye 00:02:44 coming soon

Session 5

Service-based, Collaborative, Dynamic and Complex Systems

Dimka Karastoyanova
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Overlapping Requirements in Several Areas 00:12:31 Play
Collaborative, Dynamic and Complex Systems 00:18:02 Play
Future Research Topics 00:01:07 Play

From Electrons to Scheduling: System Software for Energy-Aware Real-Time Systems

Peter Ulbrich, Peter Wägemann
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Motivation & The Vision 00:07:01 Play
Energy-Aware Real-Time operating System 00:13:30 Play
Whole-System Analysis 00:07:25 Play


Breaking Away from von Neumann: A Massively Multithreaded Dataflow Processor

Yoav Etsion
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On von Neumann Inefficiencies 00:12:57 Play
Design Issues 00:08:58 Play
Evaluation 00:15:37 Play
Conclusions 00:02:10 Play

Session 4

A Fault-Injection-Driven Development Process

Lena Feinbube
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Software Fault Tolerance Fails 00:08:54 Play
Code Level 00:07:10 Play
Node Level 00:04:47 Play

Digital Mechanical Metamaterials

Alexandra Ion
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Introduction 00:04:50 Play
Digital Mechanical Metamaterials 00:06:37 Play
Challenges 00:10:11 Play

Session 3

BigData@BTH – Scalable Resource-Efficient Systems for Big Data Analytics

Håkan Grahn
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BigData@BTH 00:07:08 Play
Research Themes - Theme A & B 00:13:45 Play
Research Themes - Theme C 00:08:49 Play

The Schul-Cloud Project: Using Microservices to Handle Heterogeneous Infrastructures in German Schools

Jan Renz
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Introduction 00:13:00 Play
The School-Cloud Project 00:08:13 Play
Application Overview 00:07:43 Play

Session 2

Development and Initial Ex-Vivo Testing of an Infection Detecting Wound Dressing

Toby Jenkins
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Wounds 00:15:00 Play
Virulence Factors 00:04:40 Play
Our Infection Sensing Dressing Solution 00:06:38 Play

Designing with Community Health Workers: Feedback-Integrated Community Health Education

Maletšabisa Tšabi Molapo
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Introduction 00:07:19 Play
Offline and Asynchronously Delivered Voice Feedback 00:08:37 Play
Self-Created and Directed Role Play Feedback 00:03:41 Play


You know nothing… - Technologies for Obtaining Relevant Data in Point-of-care Diagnostics and the Life Sciences

Joachim Beckert
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Motivation 00:10:11 Play
The Need 00:14:38 Play
Biology On-a-Chip 00:05:55 Play

Session 1

Service Design as a Set of Architectural Decisions: Paradigms, Principles, and Patterns

Olaf Zimmermann
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Paradigms 00:10:50 Play
Principles 00:04:08 Play
Patterns 00:13:58 Play
Decisions 00:03:26 Play

Data Curation in the Wild: Limits and Challenges

Ziawasch Abedjan
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Emergence of Data Driven Applications 00:02:50 Play
Data Cleaning 00:06:40 Play
Assumptions and Methodology 00:11:26 Play

Acceleration of Fine-Grain Task-Based Parallelism

Elazar Raab
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Introduction 00:07:51 Play
Problem Statement 00:04:56 Play
Our Solution 00:10:39 Play

Announcement of 2017 IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Award

Announcement of 2017 IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Award

Max Plauth
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IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Award 2017 00:02:09 Play



Opening of the Symposium on Future Trends in Service-Oriented Computing

Felix Naumann, Andreas Polze
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Opening of the Symposium 00:06:06 Play
Welcome to HPI Research School 00:14:28 Play

Ph.D. Students Introduce Their Work - Elevator Pitch

HPI Research School
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Elevator Pitch 00:14:06 Play