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Future SOC - Lab Day (Spring 2017)

Session 3

Humanitarian Mapping with Deep Learning and Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI)

Jiaoyan Chen
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Humanitarian Mapping 00:04:56 Play
Deep Learning with VGI 00:12:05 Play
Our Primary Work 00:11:03 Play

Unsupervised Outlier Detection for Big Security Data

Andrey Sapegin
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Real-Time Event Analysis and Monitoring 00:05:16 Play
Outlier Detection 00:20:01 Play
Conclusion 00:01:06 Play

Closing Remarks and Good-Bye

Andreas Polze
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Retrospective of This Laby Day 00:05:35 Play

Session 2

Application of Reverse Time Migration to Ultrasonic Echo Data in Nondestructive Testing

Maria Grohmann
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Objectives of Non-Destructive Testing 00:06:04 Play
Reverse Time Migration 00:13:10 Play
Outlook 00:00:45 Play

Distributed Knowledge Graph Processing in SANSA

G√ęzim Sejdiu
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Smart Data Analytics 00:01:45 Play
SANSA 00:16:36 Play
Conclusions and Next Steps 00:01:11 Play

Session 1

Natural Language Processing for the In-Memory Based Technology

Mariana Lara Neves
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In-Memory Language Processing 00:02:25 Play
Olelo 00:15:46 Play
Conference of Machine Translation 00:04:02 Play

Fragmentation Prediction for Proteomics with Deep Neural Networks

Siegfried Gessulat
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What is done at our chair? 00:11:17 Play
What am I doing? 00:07:53 Play
Future Work 00:01:45 Play

Industry Partner Slot - Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The Impact of the Digital Transformation on IT Architectures

Michael Garri
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The World is Changing 00:12:12 Play
The Essential Innovation Agendas for the Enterprise 00:06:30 Play
The Intelligent Edge 00:24:36 Play



Christoph Meinel
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HPI Future SOC Lab 00:09:40 Play