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Betriebssysteme II (SS 2017)


Memory Virtualization

Andreas Polze
Name Dauer Play
Future SOC Lab 00:08:16 coming soon
Memory Virtualization 00:12:08 coming soon
Virtualization Techniques 00:20:46 coming soon
Device Virtualization 00:15:50 coming soon
Para-Virtualized Devices 00:14:59 coming soon

Resource Management for Virtualized Systems

Andreas Polze
Name Dauer Play
Virtualized Resource Management 00:10:42 coming soon
VMware Basic Controls 00:21:04 coming soon
Processor Scheduling 00:22:00 coming soon
Memory Management 00:30:46 coming soon
NUMA Scheduling 00:06:39 coming soon

Virtualization Recap

Andreas Polze
Name Dauer Play
Origins of Virtualization 00:11:28 coming soon
Virtualization Techniques 00:16:27 coming soon
Intel Software Guard Extensions(Intel SGX), Instructions and Programming Model 00:23:28 coming soon